Aja Elle


by Aja Elle


I'm a lover of all things both strategic and creative. The terminology "creativity loves boundaries" was created in my likeness, I'm sure. I believe that every problem has a solution that can be further made efficient through the use of technology. 'Marketing' , 'UX' and 'Communication' are my middle names. I have an indelible passion for cutting-edge innovations, particularly for those that are far ahead of their time. As a result, I'm an ever-innovating entrepreneur and student of the world, who can always be found dreaming up the next big thing (right now it's an app…or three). I am a nerd, dreamer, "techie", artist, adventure-seeker, forward-thinker, photographer, foodie and human rights activist who has garnered and cultivated over 15 years of experience in the fields of marketing, technology, entrepreneurship and communications; and I want to reach for the stars with you!

  • I'm a recent UX design graduate looking for a challenging opportunity at a dynamic company.

  • Learn more about my experience and see examples of my marketing and communication work by visiting my online professional portfolio.

Aja Lawson

Poet. Adventurer. Culinary Enthusiast. Designer. Effervescent Empath. Constant Communicator. Polymathic Philomath. Epistemophilic Polymath. Sometimes Wordy. 10,000 Watts of Whimsy.